Turnkey solutions

Complete solution combining technology, consulting and risk management for lotteries operating across all land-based and online channels, servicing governments and private enterprises alike.

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Draw equipment

Robust and reliable drawing equipment with full transparency for player engagement and trust.

  • Various models for different games: Lotto, Digit, Keno or Bingo
  • Mechanical-mix and Air-mix machines
  • Capacity up to 100 balls
  • Controlled by microprocessors
  • Major parameters (e.g. interval between balls) are configurable
  • Automatic, standard remote control or manual control


Management of internal and external resources in a centralized database, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Compatible and directly integrable with ALOT Systems platform
  • Consolidate all lottery operations into a uniform and enterprise-wide system environment
  • Information not necessary to be inputted repeatedly due to system fragmentation
  • Reports generated easily with centralized data across the system
  • Streamlining your lottery operations, including but not limited to: Retailer invoicing and clearance, Sales and winning distribution, Accounting, Tracking of fixed assets, Consumable usage control

Third party integration

Enables rapid, seamless transfer of player funds from and to various popular local payment channels.

  • Seamless integration with payment gateways
  • Payment attempts are logged for transaction recognition
  • Supporting major types of payment providers: Mobile money, e-Wallet, Retail bank, Credit card

Player wallet

A fully-functional lottery transaction wallet.

  • Support various top-up channels, including: Retail Point, Top-up vouchers, mobile money
  • Support major withdrawal channels: Retail Point (using OTP/ QR code) and 3rd party integration (e.g. mobile money)
  • Comprehensive account management functions
  • Dual-balance structure (withdrawable and non-withdrawable credits)
  • Supports for SMS/USSD, Smartphone and Internet Betting


Many Value Add Services (VAS) that can be integrated into your lottery retail platform, utilizing your infrastructure and retail network.

  • VAT Raffle
  • Banking / Virtual ATM
  • Mobile Recharge (EVD and Top-up)
  • Utility Payment
  • e-Wallet / micropayment
  • Transportation / Ticketing
  • Microfinance
  • Loyalty reward program

Operation consultation

As well as providing the technology, we can also help you to launch and grow your lottery business.

  • Initial Establishment: Executive placement, Compilation of SOPs, Promotion and marketing strategies, Distribution channel development
  • Game Establishment: Market research and data analysis, Prize structure design, Game selling price and running duration determination, Refinement of game parameters, volume control and balance distribution
  • Operational Stage: Product and operational training, Operational refinement, Development of internal audit and fraud avoidance mechanisms, Advisory to the Board for current and future business plan, Geographic / Product expansion

Virtual server

Sophisticated cloud service in the form of virtual servers and managed services for start-up and established operators.

  • Dedicated array of world-class server systems and facilities
  • Assured SLA exceeding 99.9% uptime running on 24/7 basis
  • Investment in IT infrastructure and personnel minimized
  • Time-saving versus delivery and installation lead time for server hardware and software
  • Scalable service levels along with the growth of terminals, transactions and channels
  • Equipped with enterprise-grade Cisco firewalls and LMS to assure network performance


Certified randomness of results for your high and low frequency games.

  • Industry accredited RNG device in ALOT Systems draw simulation module
  • Compliant with global independent gaming equipment testing association, such as GLI
  • Expenses for physical draws eliminated
  • Especially suitable for frequent games like Bingo, Keno and Fast Lotto
  • Tailor-made animation of showcasing for video/smartphone and in-ad display


Simple deployment and user-friendly, allowing rapid market penetration at minimal cost.

  • Works on all types of phones, feature phone or smartphone
  • Account management functions
  • Ticket purchase, result enquiry and winning notifications
  • Funds deposit and withdrawal
  • Fast deployment with telecom operators
  • Support pre-paid or post-paid subscribers
  • Simple syntax for transaction and management functions
  • Suitable for emerging market